Friday, May 1, 2009


that is the coolest darn watering can ever!
certain little things excite me...what can I say.

there is nothing better than perfectly manicured hands digging around in potting soil.
i am a huge fan of potted flowers around the house. backyard. frontyard. front door. back door. To me it just says- 'Hey! Someones lives here and loves their home.'
It's a sign of life!

The kids love to help. I love to let them.
For me- this little task is therepy.
Deep breath time. No stress time.
I love to go out in the middle of the day
or evening when it is quiet and peaceful
and water my flowers. Not to mention I can use my very cool watering can. ha.

see. now go plant something.

ps. amy- I am so proud of you for keeping your flowers alive.

Inside joke...but long story short- when I first met my dear friend Amy she asked me,

"How do you keep your flowers alive?"
"Ummm... I water them." I replied
"OH! I always forget to do that!" She said.

So hence the ps!