Monday, April 27, 2009

meet monkey

hello monkey.
hello julian.

this is my 'oh so cute' nephew.
the first from my side of the fam. blood. nephew.

my brother jason & julian.
{yes- i have a brother}


Jason and Clo live in the Bay area so we rarely see them.
bummer, i know- but-
they were our first official house guests at the new la casa de gibbs!

monkey's first time on the jungle gym.

julian luca monkey mendez.
{we all have pet names}
his is monkey.

Jason, Clo, Me, Julian, Lex & Dylan
{z was behind the c}

me and my bro...
the now doting dad and if you know my brother...
this is very fun to watch. i enjoyed every minute.

me. lex. julian.

okay. the doting aunt too.
what can i say...

i know what you are thinking....nice try.
but that little monkey can visit whenever he wants.
i'm the cool aunt remember...