Wednesday, April 15, 2009 life as i know it & love it

this picture was my inspriation for this post.

I was in the kitchen. {a little to the left} doing something and saw lex sitting there, at my little spot, I stopped and stared and grabbed my camera. {i've been doing that a lot lately}
As she was scrolling through the blog...{i listen to my playlist on the blog all the time} she was so cute asking about this and that. Looking at all the pictures of us. her. dylan. friends. I thought I'd share my spot with you. My little piece of heaven. I say that because I sit here and create. edit. blog. listen to great music that touches me. journal. share. laugh. cry. {yes. sometimes i do}

so here's my little spot. my place. my world.
this is where i live & love.
my work. my passion.

I know this world is all digital...but I still like to write. write my calender. my notes. my to do list.
Even more so-I like to cross things off.
I always wear big chunky rings and I always take them off when I work on the the end of the week there may be 5 different big chunky rings on the counter.
That one happened to be on my to do list.
Ha! This is a peek into my world folks...

I have this new little's in that green Aj's cup....
I LOVE Aj's...and their Passion Fruit Iced Tea-but anyhoo- it goes like this:
You buy the cup. You can fill it up with that yummy beverage for 50 cents. whenever.
as much as you like. ok- seriously, the first day I was there 3 times! Yeah- it's that good!
Add 2 sweet and low's and an orange slice...and you my friends are in Heaven!
I dare you...

so as I edit, blog, blog stalk {we all do it}, text, talk, listen, cry, create, laugh, live, love, sip...ahhhhh. now you can visualize me- in my little spot.

my {bliss} life as i know it and love it.