Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hi guys,

Back from San Diego!! Had a blast as usual. It is always such a nice treat to see my parents and my 'bff's'. We always have so much fun with my mom and dad. We laugh and bicker and love. It's great! We celebrated my mom's b-day while we were their so the kids loved that! But in my crazy-ness I forgot to pack her b-day present...gosh darn it!! Well mom- it's in the mail...sorry! But I am glad we were their to help sing Happy Happy Birthday! I love you so much, I am glad you have found something you love to do...but don't work too hard.

I have a ton of great pics to post so they are in the mail too! HA! Not really- but I will get them up in the next day or two.

I had some amazing shoots while I was there. They are on the website already so take a peek. I had such a great time doing them. I also found myself looking at the city in a whole new way. Through the eye of my lens... I so looked like a tourist that was born and raised there! HA!

Well- just wanted to share a bit to let you know we made it home and back to the routine!
{thank goodness} and oh- how I missed the gym. Though it was nice to run along the bay...when I wasn't pigging out! Oh well!

Pics to follow shortly.....