Wednesday, February 18, 2009


100% Pure Sissy.
1. The hair that I had probably done so cute with bows-
that she took out in the car.
{so it gets that bump in it where the rubberband was}
2. Her pearl {plastic} necklace that is peaking from under her shirt.
3. Her token "Gold Princess High Heels" from her Halloween Costume.
4. Her school uniform sweater.
5. Her pink sequin purse.
{who knows what you will find in that-
barbie shoes to candy wrappers}
6. Those eyes.
{oh- how does it get any better than that...}
7. Her smile.
{it melts my heart}
8. Her Heart.
{it makes me smile.}
9. Her Hugs.
{she gives them out several times a day}
10. I absoulutly adore you. All of you. You little fashionista!