Wednesday, January 7, 2009


{bundle up!}

ready to go!

dylan, sean & jake getting a tow...
okay...seriously! How cute is that??

we had so much fun & the kids had a blast!

{gibbs kids}
doesn't get much better than that!
i just love {all} of you!

because it is all about the shoes.
Okay...not so much for the boys!

my handsome boys!

down the hill...
and up again.
down again.
...and up again.

{world champion} sledders!

...those are high tec "Thomas Boots" by the way!

there goes Lexie!

Caitlyn and Lex head up...again.

well, what can I say...I love great light!!
(totally by chance by the trying to get better Chea!)

And totally adorable kids!

headed home.

Me & Zach
Munds Park, AZ

Me and Jewls!
Thanks guys!! We had fun as usual!!

The best part was grandpa jack
was able to have all that fun with us!!!!

We're throwin' in our mittens for some hot cocoa!!

(i know, i's like in the 70's now. whatever.)