Monday, January 19, 2009

let's eat some cake

As you know today was a holiday {no... not dylan's bday}
well...technically yes- but the kids had the day off because of MLK day.
So anyway...I had a lot of help attemping to make the
They licked pan we used to frost clean...
yes-these are my kids...
Hey- I cut them some slack because their friend Emme was over!

They were so super cute!
So proud of their cake!!

The official cake.
{The Mad Hatter Cake}
And NO- Brenda & Katie I am not taking the fancy-dancy cake class...
This baby took a total of 45min start to finish!! (bake time included)
Hey- I had to mop- it's Monday!
(did i just say that :))
But seriously-
This cake had no time to sit and be pretty...
these are Gibbs kids...
Ready to enhale it!!
I should really let them have more sugar huh?
nope. B-days are the exception!

This little man was so happy!!!

That was his BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!

...I told you!
3 bites. gone.

the look of pure satisfaction.
{if you want more sweets go talk to poppy he'll give you whatever you want} does this still mean me too dad?