Saturday, January 17, 2009

ice skating

Gibbs Family ice skating experiance...
here we come.
those were the cutest darn skates ever!
Yep! Grandpa Jack is going to attempt to skate...
It has been how long again??

Lex & Melissa
She is such a good skater!
Show us some moves Melissa!
The Lemus Family!

Getting started... dylan was a speed racer with the whole ice skating thing...
faster is always better- right??
He would get going as fast as he could push himself and see
how far and how fast he could slide after he got going.
Objects or no objects- he hit whatever was in his way.

Lex- much more reasonable when it came to learning.
Took her time, did not want to fall and so darn intense.
But all the hard work paid off in the end...

...we all fell. A time or two...well
not all of us!
But Lex was a great sport.

Ahhh...pure joy that I got this shot!
I said not all of us fell!

By the end of the night- who needed the scooter thingy anyway!
Lex was scootin' around the rink like a champ!
She was so determined! And she did it!
It was the cutest thing ever too see her sooo proud of herself... now the question is "Mommy when are we going ice skating?"
Maybe tonight, sis, maybe tonight.