Wednesday, January 7, 2009

holiday break

So during the Christmas break. We got a break too!
Nanny & Papa took them up North for a little...

fun & chores!
Well I think Papa had more up after someone.
but seriously dad...would you really have it any other way??

But he was such a good helper!




How cute is he? Thanks mom for the pictures!
They are priceless!

{priceless is right!}

that's right. She lost her 1st tooth with Nanny & Poppy!

a little scared...

a little silly...

a little shocked...

But Poppy was right there...through all the emotions.
So was nanny...just behind the camera.

Show me your tooth...
Or should I say toothless smile.

I can't get over the fact that we...
(remember: Z & I met when we were 17!)
have a kid that is losing

There were tears at first but Papa fixed that.
I had to post all the others first
(which goes against my blogging rules. Always post in order!)
because they were so dang cute.

And yes... the tooth fairy came!