Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ballerina girl & the bad guy Lex was one lucky little girl and
got ballet lessons for xmas from her grandpa jack!
Well- offically a ballerina- she started her lessons and loves them!
The studio she is going to is amazing!! It's all business. I love that about it.
No tutus & hair must be pulled back in a "ballerina bun" at all times!
Gosh- that's cool!!! Okay so I am wierd!
Even though my 5 year old may not be (maybe-we don't know) Julliard Bound-
at least she is learning the correct way.
I love it.
Oh yeah- so does she by the way...

Show me that ballerina bun!

A little curious...but NO apprehensions whatsoever!
I was so proud of her. She truly does love it!

The pictures are not great because the parents have to wait outside the studio
(there's like 10...I'm telling you this is the real deal) and may only watch through the
mirrored glass. So- therefore the pics are what they are.
She's the one in the pink...with the bun!

Little Soilders. I mean Ballerinas.

If she decides she LOVE LOVES it (six months worth)
she will have her first recital in June.
We'll see.

Oh yeah- the bad guy.
As sis is getting ready for ballet...
And I am snapping all these girly pics of Lex...
He is running around saying
"i'm the bad guy."
I swear- this kid is all superhero.