Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the "no birthday party" birthday


The boys!


...even if they can't yet blow their own bubbles.

We sang Happy Birthday!



...so 3 hitters and it broke.
So needless to say... not everyone got to swing.
But Dylan didn't quite understand the game.
Break it. Get candy.
He thought it just broke.
Poor guy!

Deciding that candy is not so bad after all.

Wow...these are for me!?!


I had so much fun with you at my
"no birthday party" birthday!
...I know & to think we (i) was going to pass on all the fun!
"Can we have another Birthday?!" Dylan Asked.
"Yes, buddy! But you have to wait until next year..." I replied.

the measure

what 3 year olds are made of...
1. take an ordinary measuring tape.
2. re-name it "the measure."
3. babble on as if you know exactly what you are doing.
4. your measuring.

5. See how high you can get "the measure."
6. Pull "the measure" out as far as you can.
7. Say: "wow, cool, awesome."

8. Let go & hold the retract button.
9. Make the: I'm a little scared but this is really cool face.

10. Laugh uncontrollably and do it again.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ballerina girl & the bad guy

...so Lex was one lucky little girl and
got ballet lessons for xmas from her grandpa jack!
Well- offically a ballerina- she started her lessons and loves them!
The studio she is going to is amazing!! It's all business. I love that about it.
No tutus & hair must be pulled back in a "ballerina bun" at all times!
Gosh- that's cool!!! Okay so I am wierd!
Even though my 5 year old may not be (maybe-we don't know) Julliard Bound-
at least she is learning the correct way.
I love it.
Oh yeah- so does she by the way...

Show me that ballerina bun!

A little curious...but NO apprehensions whatsoever!
I was so proud of her. She truly does love it!

The pictures are not great because the parents have to wait outside the studio
(there's like 10...I'm telling you this is the real deal) and may only watch through the
mirrored glass. So- therefore the pics are what they are.
She's the one in the pink...with the bun!

Little Soilders. I mean Ballerinas.

If she decides she LOVE LOVES it (six months worth)
she will have her first recital in June.
We'll see.

Oh yeah- the bad guy.
As sis is getting ready for ballet...
And I am snapping all these girly pics of Lex...
He is running around saying
"i'm the bad guy."
I swear- this kid is all superhero.

Monday, January 19, 2009

let's eat some cake

As you know today was a holiday {no... not dylan's bday}
well...technically yes- but the kids had the day off because of MLK day.
So anyway...I had a lot of help attemping to make the
They licked pan we used to frost clean...
yes-these are my kids...
Hey- I cut them some slack because their friend Emme was over!

They were so super cute!
So proud of their cake!!

The official cake.
{The Mad Hatter Cake}
And NO- Brenda & Katie I am not taking the fancy-dancy cake class...
This baby took a total of 45min start to finish!! (bake time included)
Hey- I had to mop- it's Monday!
(did i just say that :))
But seriously-
This cake had no time to sit and be pretty...
these are Gibbs kids...
Ready to enhale it!!
I should really let them have more sugar huh?
nope. B-days are the exception!

This little man was so happy!!!

That was his BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!

...I told you!
3 bites. gone.

the look of pure satisfaction.
{if you want more sweets go talk to poppy he'll give you whatever you want}
....so does this still mean me too dad?