Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i am so {thankful} for four little hands.
the night before Thanksgiving- Thanksgiving Cookies.

Dylan traced them
{with a little help}
Sissy cut them...

next we baked them!
Well...daddy did.
This is about the time mommy was not feeling to
thankful for the 24hr bug!

...so as we promised in the morning you could decortate your
{turkey cookies}
mom is still down and out and it's not looking better any time soon :(

...so once again daddy
& nanny helped out.
I was again {thankful}

The Finished Turkey Cookie!
That is one beautiful turkey cookie!

...barely made it downstairs... just in time for company.

By the way... this was supposed to be our first thanksgiving...
you know the fancy, dancy, all the details and fixin's taken care of...
{well...not anymore- Just plain 'ol wonderful Thanksgiving}

John James and Dylan played all day.

Papa snuck in a few hugs!

Angela and Lex colored and colored and colored!

Dylan found a new best friend.

and they played and played...

and played some more!

Tyson, Markie and Grandma
some call her grandma-ma.

Dad always carves the turkey
{nice shirt.}

After dinner we went to the park for a serious game of

On Saturday Night...

we all went to see {SANTA!}

we had to take carriage ride as well!

Me and Markie
{I was on my way to feeling better}

Grandma and her grandkids...not all of them though.

It's begining to look alot like Christmas!!