Sunday, December 21, 2008

operation: {christmas cookies}

I have never attemped this project with such passion as I did this year...
next year....well- it will take me that long to recover!

...we washed hands.

...we sprinkled.

ta da!

mom helped them each decorate a few of the
10 million cookies...

but why can't they look like the ones on the frosting package!??

I took advantage of the school day and nap time to finish
operation: {Christmas Cookie}

Lexie had one project all to herself and she did a great job!!
{The Reindeer Food!!!}
Sprinkle on the lawn at night
the moon will make it sparkle bright
Santa's Reindeer fly and roam
this will guide them to your home!

Ahhh....wrapping it up!


To all our friends,
May you enjoy this tin of goodies!
We made them just for you,
With all our love AND a lot of help!
Merry Christmas!