Tuesday, December 2, 2008

it's begining to look a lot like christmas

Rarely do we get pictures together...
thanks sis!

We had lots of help from our {little elves!}

Official decoration getter-outters

And it didn't take long to...

make a Christmas Mess!

But would it be much fun with out a hug mess?

Okay...so the joke in our house is...
{this is mama's tree!}

i must say i do {love} it!

i love love it!

okay...so got a little carried away with the pics-
you get the idea!

Yep! that's us!

The Christmas Tree

Okay...so I am human!
The kids got their very own tree to decorate
as they {wish}

and they did.
And it is beautiful!

there are even some ornaments in there
from when I was a kid!
{a little-er kid than I am now}
very funny.

With help from daddy the reindeer...
awe- the kids tree was a huge success!
and {mama still loves her tree}
Now which tree will Santa visit?
Both of them of course!!