Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the fall feast

Our little pilgrim...

singing the {i am thankful song}

i am thankful, i am thankful...
YUM! We all enjoyed the feast.

She was too cute...she wore that bonnet the entire time.

Dylan thinks he's in Kindergarten
& dad wishes he was!

They even decorated the tables with the most
beautiful turkey center pieces.

Thank you for my recipe book!

i love it!

lex was so excited to show me her journal.
she loves to write and color.
I must say it was adorable!

This one was about a turkey and a heart.
They are encouraged to just write...
so not all of them make sense.

{unless she reads them to you}

This was my favorite...where does she come up with this stuff...
okay...don't answer that!
But seriously...

"It was a diamond, you know what my favorite shape is.
It is a diamond and I love diamonds."

That is too funny!