Sunday, November 2, 2008

what little boys are made of

Soooo....notice anything unique about these beautifully hung drapes??
How about the BIG scissor holes my sweet, charming, lovable little boy put in them,
with mommies nice big sharp scissors! Nice uh?
I love how he mangaged all the way across and up & down so there is absoulutley
no way for me to salvage or hide the cuts.

A few hours after we got home of Borrego Springs, Zach & I were busy putting stuff away, making lunches for Monday, cleaning out the car etc...I said to him, "Where's Dylan?" and he replied, "I don't know" and continued on his merry way. I thought, that's typical but I as well continued doing my chores...

Zach decided to call for him and no answer. He walked into the sitting room where, yes, I had been working on a project and piled all my supplies on the table, (which by the way had been sitting there for over a week and he nor I ever thought much about it) and Dylan came to him saying, "I'm sorry daddy, I'm sorry daddy." Zach didn't see what he had done until I heard a huge gasp...I walked around the corner and....I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!! So I cried and then laughed...not really. Thankful Dylan wasn't hurt... he quickly got a time out!