Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is Lexie and Mrs. Walker, her Kindergarten teacher. (She adores her.)
Below is Makena the otter, the class mascot.
You have to earn the privlage to take her home with you for the weekend!
Here she is...
Meet Makena and a very very excited Lexie!
Makena keeps a scrapbook of all of her adventures.
When Lexie got home she went right to work journaling.
And you should have seen the smile on her face when Daddy got home!!

"Daddy! I got Makena!"

She went everywhere with us...
Makena went to the park...

...on the swing and on the slide.

We had so much fun with her!

We went for walks.

Daddy even read to her.

And mommy gave her goodnight kisses!

We loved having Makena!
That silly little otter is a part of the family!