Monday, November 3, 2008

the halloween bash

The sweetest Belle...
yes- actually, it is all about the shoes

SUPERMAN! The Rasta! Belle!

Yes...there was even a bumble bee!

SUPERMAN on his is trycle.
"This is how SUPERMAN flies mom!"
The Gibbs Family 1st real Halloween!
We had so much fun!

Hannah Montana was there too!

We even had an elephant!
and a Power Ranger!

And Batman!

Looks like trouble to me....

So...can't take credit for the pumpkin. Our neighbors did a beautiful job!
Let's get the party started!!

Yes, those are very cool Halloween decorations you see hanging...
thank Zach for that!

My dear friend Carolyn...So are you the good witch or the bad witch?

Carolyn and Dave

Okay...Okay...the good witch and the bumble bee

Lena, me, Carolyn


The one and only Warrior Princess!

Me & Jewls...

Claire and Cheryl...

Here we are, all Halloween'd Up!
John, Jen and Charlie MITCHELL!!

Okay what are you again??
Just kidding...I didn't get a picture of Melissa
but yes she really is pregnant
and you guys get two thumbs up for "Juno."

Stella was a beautiful Belle.
Dylan was on a mission...and Markie was too,
whether she wanted to be or not!!
These two had there own agenda while trick or treating
(Well, Dylan at least)
"He was 'bout it, bout it"
It did not take him long to figure out...
I knock on the door- I get candy!
Me and my beautiful cousin. I love you Mark...

We also learned a valuble lesson...
never trick or treat in heels...
Oh is all about the shoes right!?

After the trick or treating fiasco....
(Well you try to trick or treating with like 30 kids...)
We played freeze dance!

Greer and Melissa made great Cheerleaders!

Melissa & Lexie

Okay so funny story, Melissa lives right next door and I see her almost everyday...but because I was dressed up as a bumble bee, in her eyes I was the bee's knee's, the queen bee (okay cheesy I know) but anyway,she was totally in awe over the fact that I was dressed up...
so we had an on going joke....
(well, me and claire, Melissa's mom did)
"What am I the rest of the time, chopped liver!"
It had to be the wings....or maybe the tutu!

Here they are... the BFF's! Okay too cute...the bee and the lady bug!!


Okay the guys were over it, ready to solve all the worlds problems!
So did you????

The new signature pic!
The Rasta and the bumble bee call it a night!

Good Night!
Oh yeah...Happy Halloween!