Friday, November 21, 2008

the fall festival

Fall Festival Ranger Style!
Dylan ready to head out via the "Ranger!"

Ready to roll...

Hey Jewls...what's in the red cup??
Don't spill it- whatever you do!

Mommy, can I go play?! Mommy,where's Mrs. Walker?! Mommy, I see so & so!
This was one excited little girl about her Fall Festival!!

Me & Carolyn. we were counting handbags, shoes, and boobs!
Only in our neck of the woods!!

Once again, controlled chaos.

But even then- still considered chaos!

Bounce Houses galore...take your pick!

Yes there were that many bounce houses...
There were so many bounce houses and kids for that matter-
Dylan got lost! Well- he was having the time of his life,
Until we found him!
So we always post the happy pics. Always.
But here are some real pics.
Meltdown time.
Had nothing to do with his little dissappearing was just time to go.

daddy was ready too!
But wait- the hair! We had to color our hair!

And wear our new shoes!
Yes, actually it is all about the shoes! they are Juicy! She loves them.

So now that the hair is colored and we
have our cotton candy.
thanks Jewls.
(They know their mother all too well.)

And we each won a purple teddy bear...we are ready to go.

Now back at home, hey girls show us your stuff!
What fun we had at the Fall Festival!