Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the library

So our first trip to the library was a hit with Lexie and Dylan...well, not so much. He loves reading bedtime stories but doesn't quite get the concept of being quiet in a library, let alone throwing one of the biggest fits of his life. Ahh- the joys of raising a boy! Well...We got threw it and now we will visit frequently, the kids love all the different books. Lexie LOVES Dr. Seuss and now mom doesn't have to buy them we can check them out from the library- What a concept!

They were so excited I had to get pictures of them in the courtyard of the Library. Lexie was a ham as you can see and I was lucky to get a picture of Dylan after the meltdown. I had to keep explaining to Lexie that we were "borrowing" the books, and that we will have to return them in a few weeks and check out new ones. I think this is why she was so excited...she thought mom was buying all of these books!