Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the desert

We love to visit nanny & poppy in Borrego!
We can see the horses and Grandma-ma too!

Nothing beats a little girl and her horse.
Baby girl, you reminded me so much of me here...
I would lay on my horses for hours...pretty soon baby girl...pretty soon.

Papa loves his horse too!

Dylan....not so much.
He is happy with dirt and sticks and sword fights with Papa!

Everyone...Attack Papa!!!!

We had a free weekend so we decided to take a quick
road trip to Borrego Springs. (my grandma has a home there)
My parents love to spend their free weekends there...
beings it is not quite as far of a drive all the way into San Diego...
we made a quick trip to visit everyone!

Lexie and Grandma-ma
(My Grandma)

My wonderful, blissful parents.

4 generations...
1 Presley, 1 Mendez, 2 Gibbs

We LOVE Nanny & Poppy!!!!

Classic Dylan...with mimi in tow!

Here's to good times!!!