Saturday, October 11, 2008

the cabin

The beautiful view from the cabin.
Thanks to the Waring Family for sharing their little piece of paradise!
Munds Park, Arizona

Zach & I really enjoyed heading up North to ranch country...
it brings back so many memories.

Lexie was so excited!!
She made it all the way across the monkey bars! This is big news!

The Bellissimo Family, The Gibbs Family and The Wareing Family. Big Thank You to the Pine Wood Fire Department... On our walk we stopped in to let the kids see the Firetrucks and they all got hats and a ride on the fire truck!

Jake (Dylan's Parnter in Crime!) Dylan, Caitlin, Emme, and Lexie

This has to one of my favorite. What a little fireman!

...back at the cabin some other friends joined us and we had a blast! Caitlin, Lexie, Melissa, Kellan

We like to call this controlled chaos......or not so controlled!

Me & Julie..We were freezing okay!

Ahh...Me and Carolyn solving the worlds problems!


Ever heard of Corn Hole?? Google it!

Dylan & Jake...stuck together like glue!

Thanks to Jeff for those two pics! So cute...

We headed to Snow Bowl for the afternoon and YES we there was SNOW!

I love this shot. Zach and Dylan headed up the ski lift...

The view from behind us.

Me & Lex headed up the mountain.

Yes...this is Arizona in October.

The Gibbs Family...freezing!

The BFF's: Lexie, Caitlin, Melissa & Emme

Here's to great friends!

The Gibbs Family, The Wareing Family,
The Lemus Family, The Belissimo Family

11,500ft. I had to post all the of these! Dylan was so cute with his hot chocolate. Nobody was taking it away from him, no matter how hot it was.

We had a great time up there!

We went to lunch in Flagstaff and these pics of Dylan are too cute!

Here's to good times!